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VW Transporter T-5 Speaker Upgrade Guide


VW Transporter T-5 Upgrade Guide VW Transporters are easily one of the best vans on the market. They are so well designed and have a plethora of aftermarket application. Headlights, interior, engine, body, the list is endless. For audio, there is a massive selections of upgrades to suit. This blog will go through these for you and what we would… Read more »

Sound deadening- Is it worth it? YES, YES, IT IS!


Sound Deadening, one of the most forgotten about components when installing new speakers or building a big set up. Sound deadening from my experience is not even considered by non-car audio folk. I have noticed when speaking to people about upgrading their audio, they seem so sound surprised at the prospect of sound deadening being needed in the vehicle. It… Read more »