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Skoda Octavia Dynaudio + heavy bass system


Alex is a long time customer and recently bought a new Skoda Octavia VRS so we transferred his Dynaudio components and In Phase amplifiers/box from his old BMW 3er compact to the Octavia. The Dynaudio components are run actively (without passive crossovers) to take benefit of the full processing power of his Pioneer DEH-P88RSII stereo, which offers auto EQ and Time… Read more »

R56 Mini Cooper S Up-Grade


Keith called my shop on Monday afternoon wanting a quick boost to the sound system in his wife’s Mini Cooper S. The car was fitted as standard with Mini’s Boost Audio system, which unfortunately is pretty poor-what the “Boost” refers to is anyone’s guess! They’d had the car for just a week and weren’t keen on changing the styling of the… Read more »

SQ from factory stereo and speakers?


Paul came into my store requesting to change the speakers in his new Audi A4 saloon. I asked “Why?” he replied “they’re sh#t!”. After some more questions we established that he was comparing the car system to his home system-Bang and Olufson-and merely changing the speakers would not do much(if anything)* for him. *(Think of your stereo/amp as a cars… Read more »