The Car Stereo History: How has it evolved?


The Car Stereo Evolution

Where are we today in the world of car stereos, how much has our car stereos evolved from the old days to the modern era? The changes to the systems have changed considerably, and we will take you on a small journey through the life and evolution of the car stereo system.

Back in the days many people who owned a car would have to listen to anything that would be picked up on the signal. The first radios were old AM radios that had small speakers. These worked only when the radio station was able to pick up signal, many times the stations being picked up would be people talking, radio shows and very little music. The car stereo units themselves were bulky and expensive, and also used up a lot of the power from the cars battery.

This didn’t last long; developments were made quickly when the popularity in car stereos grew. Next was the 8 track player, this had AM and FM radio, with a large cartridge that would play your favorite artists. The 8 tracks used to play on a continuous loop. Some players had the ability to reverse the two-sided magnetic strip and play on the other side of the tape.

The cassette player didn’t have much of a long run; it only lasted till the 1990’s when it was replaced by the CD player and the MP3. The new systems offered much more than its predecessors. Moving on from the monotone, 1 or 2 speaker basic radio systems – now you could enjoy different tracks of sound from different speakers. You then had the ability to adjust the bass, the treble, and the mid range tones as well.

Today, with the greatest advances in technology, stereo systems offer more than what could have been imagined a few years ago. You can have touch screens, watch movies, connect your mobile phones and other devices, use Bluetooth technology and much more.

Car stereo systems have come a long way, but we all have our preferences. Maybe you don’t want to spend all that money on the latest system, maybe you just need a few features – there is a wide range of choice to suit everybody’s needs.

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