The Importance of a Dash Cam Inside Your vehicle


The Importance of a Dash Cam Inside Your vehicle

Over the years, the dashboard camera has become increasingly popular, as it has number of benefits acting as a silent witness whilst commuting in your vehicle. The purpose of the device is to carefully record every detail and has benefits such as:

  • Capturing Crime
  • Lowering Insurance Premiums
  • Providing Evidence
  • Preventing Insurance Fraud
  • Capturing Careless Driving
  • Recording Memories of your Favourite Commutes

Road Angel has the perfect solution to your requirements, as they supply dash cameras that record in crisp, clear clarity leaving you content knowing you will have superior quality footage in the event that it is required.

What we recommend…

Our most popular dashcam is the Road Angel Halo Pro, which is a dual front and rear facing 2K dash cam with key benefits such as:

  • Inbuilt GPS
  • No Inbuilt Screen so Unobtrusive Whilst Driving
  • Superior 2K HD Recording
  • 140 Degree Wide Angle Recording
  • Dual Front and Rear Recording Capabilities
  • Powerful Omnivision Image Sensor
  • Intelligent Telematics Data Recorded with Each Journey
  • Parking Mode leaving you Content That the Perimeter of Your Vehicle is Monitored 24 Hours a day! (Hardwiring Kit is Required)
  • Very User Friendly App for Downloading Footage When Required

All of these features are useful and will be used in 9/10 vehicles. Features like Alexa, low sized cloud storage, 4K UHD footage and HDR that are found on other brands are great features but are wasted unless you are going to use them frequently and have the facilities to use these features.

For example, 4K footage on a dashcam requires the SD card to be 4K compatible and the monitor you are viewing the footage on needs to be 4K. UHD is slowly becoming more accessible but majority of people do not have these facility. So make sure you are buying a dashcam that fits your needs and is reliable.

If you’re looking for a new dashcam, view our full range today.

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