The New Garmin Nüvi 3700 series takes Portable Navigation Devices to a whole new level!


The New Garmin Nüvi 3700 series takes Portable Navigation Devices to a whole new level!

There’s no denying that the Portable Navigation Device market has become increasingly competitive over the years, so it takes something special to get the attention of the end user. But with the nüvi 3700 series, Garmin believe they have come up with just the thing to grab that attention…and looking at the specs, it’s hard to disagree.

The first thing to notice is the outward appearance of the two nüvi 3700 series models, incredibly slim (just 8.7mm depth) with stylish aluminium and chrome finishes. The unique size of the units is a major achievement considering the features within, plus the fact they still manage to accommodate a high-detail 800×400 pixel 4.3in LCD display. There’s an iPod-esque look to the units too, despite being slimmer than something like an iPhone, but this is great for end users, as from the outset they don’t look daunting to use. In fact, switch the nüvi 3760T or 3790T on and it becomes clear that this is what Apple should have done with their navigation.
A first for satellite navigation is the incorporation of a capacitive multi-touch display, allowing for the pinch and slide movement that many of us are familiar with now thanks to iPods/iPhones. This means virtually every function is accessed via the touchscreen, with only the power on/off function on the body of the unit. Viewing wise, there’s also that familiar ability to view it as landscape or portrait mode, changing automatically depending on how the user holds it.

garmin nuvi3790t

On the navigation side of things, there’s obviously the ultra-intelligent guidance you’d expect from Garmin’s nuRoute’s technology. This includes the myTrends™ feature, which analyses your driving behaviour and predicts where you are likely to go before linking to the trafficTrends™ application. The trafficTrends feature looks at what other people are doing using tools such as historical traffic information and period of day, then helps to ensure your journey goes as smoothly as possible, whatever time of the day it is.
The mapping also offers 3D terrain details and contour and 3D buildings and landmarks, yet there’s the additional bonus of PhotoReal™ junction view. The Garmin team visited all of the major motorway junctions in order to get this spot on and the result is further improved guidance thanks to the clarity this detailed view gives. Both units comes preloaded with detailed CityNavigator® NT street maps for 44 countries across Europe with the added bonus of subscription-free, pan-European lifetime traffic updates. They also give up-to-date alerts of speed cameras and offer useful functions such as Garmin Locate™ (which marks the position of where the device is removed from the windshield), Where Am I? (to find closest hospitals, police and petrol stations) and ecoRoute™ (for a more fuel-efficient route).

The major difference between the 3760T and the 3790T models is the higher spec 3790T employs unique voice-activated navigation. Users simply set their own custom “wake-up” command to activate speech-recognition mode and nüvi 3790T acts on their spoken instruction for totally hands-free navigation. Give nüvi 3970T a name, tell it where you want to go and it’ll design a route specifically for the user. They can even give it a new voice using the free Garmin Voice Studio software.


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