The wonders of a radio cassette CD player


Cassette player? You must be thinking we’ve gone bonkers here at Car Audio Centre.

But, you’re either here because you are also one of the many people that still like to have the option to play your old cassettes or you’re here because – you’re curious.

Either way, we’re taking it back old school!

Jump on board and I’ll share a story with you.

Though the competition is clear between the car CD player and cassette, there is nothing like reminiscing on the good old days.

I remember when I was young (not that I’m old now!) but during my early teens, you know- when those big CD player Walkman’s were just becoming popular, I used to record all the songs that I liked from the radio on to a tape. I used to love my tape recorder!

Just the other day, I found a bunch of tapes that I had recorded songs on, all my old school favorites! I assumed that they wouldn’t work to be honest, it’s been years and they have just been thrown away in the attic to collect dust.

I wondered what I had recorded but I don’t have a tape player, and who does anymore?

My grandma, she has one.


radio cassette


I sat in her car the other day and saw that she had a radio cassette CD player! It’s kind of cute if you think about it. She’s not very tech savvy and loves to play her tapes rather than having the songs downloaded or purchasing the CD’s. I guess she likes the compilation of songs she has and it reminds her of how she was a child, just how I did when I tried out my tapes in the player.

I asked my grandma why she has a tape player in her car, and she said that she loved listening to songs and stories whilst she was driving, and some of her favorites have got lost in the rapid development of the world and so she likes to cherish them as they have now become so exclusive.

Fair play!

It’s funny how technology evolves, but we all still have our preferences, I do prefer to have a car stereo system with Bluetooth, aux and all that jazz…but like my grandma there are many that like to have their options – that to the modern generations may seem outdated!

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