Top 5 Features of The DMX5020DABS


As the majority of people in the United Kingdom are currently in lockdown and are only allowed to leave their houses for essential reasons, why not consider using your spare time wisely by treating yourself (and your car) to a brand new head unit!

With the modernisation of in-car connectivity currently on the rise there are many reasons as to why a head unit should be number one on your list of upgrades and why that head unit should be the DMX5020DABS!

The DMX5020DABS is an incredible Kenwood product that will fit into any vehicle with a double din slot. It has a clear 6.8′ touch screen that is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple Carplay and also allows for rear camera input. This head unit not only looks the part but is also a huge upgrade from your factory head unit and will certainly impress.

Camera Input

With the option of Camera Input being available, it allows you to add a camera onto your car and watch it as it is displayed on the screen of the head unit. This way you can prevent injuring your loved ones, damaging your car and manoeuvre better in small tight spaces.

13-band EQ

Adjust your audio output in detail for a music experience tailored to your preferences. The 13-Band equaliser allows detailed adjustments to acoustic settings to make listening to music much more personalised and various EQ pre-sets ensure that users with only basic acoustic knowledge can learn and enjoy the advantages of using an EQ.

Android Auto compatible

Android Auto allows you to expand the Android platform into the car for a more comfortable, personalised experience. The feature is basically an app you download on your Android device, then you plug your device in via USB. This feature allows maps, calling, text message read out and various other safe driving apps.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay gives iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way to make calls, use Maps, listen to music, and access messages with just a word or a touch.


Forget about AM/FM radios now you have access to DAB/DAB+. DAB/DAB+ radio allows you to still have access to your favourite radio stations whilst also opening up the opportunity to a wider variety of stations. The difference in sound quality with a DAB/DAB+ is a huge step up that certainly wont go a miss.

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