VW Golf MKIV AV System


This customer wanted a Navigation system fitted, along with head rest screens-to be run off the front screen.

He’d already been down the portable sat nav and removable screens route but was tired of constantly taking it all in and out of the car. He also wanted bluetooth without any clutter on his dashboard so we selected Pioneer’s AVIC-HD3BTi one of the best all in one systems on the market (now superceded by the AVIC-F10BT). It has built in bluetooth, HDD Navigation and HDD music storage, ipod charge and control, TMC (traffic message channel-to route you around jams, not into them like portables do!) and the DVD player built into it can feed its picture to rear screens.

For the rear screens we selected the Alpine TME-780’s as our customer was getting the best so should his kids!

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Equipment used:





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