WHAT A BEAST!!!! VW MK4 Golf ops for the BIG BASS option.


VW MK4 Golf gets the bass its wants and loads more !!!!

A very good customer of the Car Audio Centre Nottingham had just recently finshed his show winning Volkswagen Golf MK4, After years of custom with darrel he decided he couldnt resist the temptation for more bass any longer.

after having only In Phase in the past he decided to go the full hog and get 2 XT15 15″ subwoofers each kicking out 1800 watts each peak powered by the outragous IPA4001D to drive them, that would run the XT15 subwoofers without breaking a sweat. with the custom enclosures it really was a show stopper now, he didnt want anything exotic as the installs that alot of people dream off but with those kind of installs doesnt come power and sound, this install was purely for sound, which it had in heap fulls.

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VW Golf MK4 IN Phase audio install XT15 IPA4001D

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