What is Android Auto?


Ever thought, Wish i could use my phone apps on my car stereo? Well you can now – as long as you have an Android phone with Android (Version 5 “Lollipop) or later.
As well as staying safer (and Legal) on the roads, its cool! imagine being able to talk to your car and it responds to you like Kit from Knight Rider(with the Hoff, not the remake), yes I’m showing my age.

What is android AutoUsing apps like Google Music, Spotify, Tunein Radio to listen to your favourite Taylor Swift beat, as well as being able to make calls without even having to touch or even look at your phone. Your mates will be well impressed, you’ll definitely hear terms like “that’s sick.” Yes I’m down with the youngsters too you know.

No more trying to read your text messages while driving, it’ll read your messages out to you and you’ll be able to reply using just your voice. How cool is that?

Android AutoAndroid auto is Googles version of CarPlay for IOS, but your less likely to get lost. yes i can’t forget the shambles that was Apple Maps when it first came out. Rollacoaster like roads, great for a cheap day out with the kids. Stop at Maccy D’s, IF you can find it!

On a Serious note though, CarPlay and Android Auto is taking off in a big way, Car Manufacturers like Audi, Honda and Ford are beginning to release cars with Android Auto built in. All you need is the Android Auto App on your phone to get you going.

So if you want more than just an average car entertainment unit and have one of the newer Android mobile phones, why not get yourself an Android Auto Car Entertainment unit. you wont regret it.

Take a look at some of our Android Auto Offerings and maybe even watch the videos.

Pioneer AVIC-F70DAB with Android Auto, Car Play, DAB, MultimediaPioneer AVIC-F70DAB Car Play, DAB, Multimedia











Pioneer AVH-X8700BT Multimedia System with CarPlay & Android auto
Pioneer AVH-X8700BT Multimedia System with CarPlay & Android auto












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