What is Double DIN car stereo?


We’ve realised that many people are unaware of what a double DIN car stereo system and a single DIN system is.

So, we decided to give you guys a little background on the world of DIN.

DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für, which is an acronym adoption of the German standards organisation. It was used to define the standard size of car stereo head units in 1984. Din refers to the size of the car stereo unit.

There are a variety of DIN stereos available, but the size is what tells them apart. Both Single and double DIN stereos are 7 inches wide; the difference is that double DIN is 4 inches high whereas a single DIN is 2 inches. The DIN or Double Din is the size of most head units for cars. Older cars however have the single DIN car stereo systems.

Whether you pick a single or double DIN will be based on whether your car has the space for it. But car audio systems with features such as the DVD players, will be single DIN where the DVD interface will automatically come out of the system like a CD and flip up into a screen, which could be just as good as a double DIN screen. This will be very convenient for people that only have 7 by 2 inches of space for a car stereo system.

But, for cars that do have the space may choose to just go for the full screen installation so that they can use the touch-screen without having to wait for the system to load and set up.

It is completely up to you which one you go for, the DIN will suit your convenience either way.

So in fact, there’s not much difference between the Single DIN and the double DIN…it is just the size.

So what would you go for?

Single DIN or Double DIN


Single DIN car stereo system

Double DIN Car Stereo System







(The DIN stereo systems shown above feature in-car entertainment, click on the link for other DIN car stereo’s)


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