Whoop, whoop, is da sound o’da police!


That’s right-even the local bobbies come to The Car Audio Centre when they need their rides sorted!

Traffic Officer Paul went for the Pioneer DEH-P8100BT-leading by example! I guess the vivid blue illumination might have added some weight to the Pioneers exhaustive list of features;)



Paul also wanted to improve his sound quality, particulary on the lower end of the frequency range-so I suggested using the stereo’s built in HPF (High Pass Filters) to cut the bass from his standard speakers and fitting an active subwoofer behind his rear seats. This not only improves his bass, but also clears up his midrange frequencies as the mids aren’t having to do bass aswell anymore.

We fitted the new Inphase USW-10 and were a little nervous that with its small size it wouldn’t be man enough for the job and we’d have the boys in blue banging down our doors! As usual with Inphase products our fears were unfounded-these little brutes offer a startling output for something so compact!


Paul was chuffed to bits with his install and will be back to further improve things by upgrading his standard speakers and possibly fitting an amp to drive the new speakers too!

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