Why the In Phase USW300 Beats the Big-Name Brands


When it comes to in-car speakers, brands such as Kenwood and Pioneer spring immediately to mind. But are they worth the expensive outlay? Not, it seems, compared to In Phase’s International’s under-seat woofer, the USW300.

The In Phase USW300 represents far better value for money than the Kenwood KSC-SW11 and the Pioneer TS-WX130EA, offering more power, and with its accompanying 2-year warranty, more peace of mind for the consumer.

At its peak, the In Phase USW300 is capable of an impressive 300W – almost double that of the KSC-SW11 (150W) and TS-WX130EA (160W) – while its RMS, or continuous, power capability is also double that of the Kenwood and the Pioneer. The In Phase simply offers more bang for your buck than the big-name brands.

While all three models are roughly the same size (L 280 X H 200 X D 75 mm in the In Phase’s case) and can fit under 90 percent of vehicles, the USW300’s Full Body Die Cast Aluminium construction makes it a heavier, more robust choice. The In Phase is also capable of greater output and as such represents a more reliable option.

It even comes complete with a wiring kit and bass remover so you can be sure that the often fiddly process of installation and/or removal is entirely fuss-free.

In conclusion, the USW300 clearly has a lot more to offer for the price compared to its big-name competitors. Don’t just take our word for it – give it a blast today and see for yourself.


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