WiFi Stereos…Useful? Or a Battery Draining, Data Eating Gimmick?


WiFi Stereos…Useful? Or a Battery Draining, Data Eating Gimmick?

In the last year, Pioneer and Kenwood have locked horns over the battleground for Wireless connectivity, whether it be Apple Car Play or Android Auto. Both brands offering a Navigation option with WiFi. These examples have proven very popular, but is the WiFi feature really worth it?

Using your phone as a WiFi hotspot kills the battery, period. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a 20 minute episode of The Big Bang Theory or a 2 hour Ted Talk. Both scenarios drain the battery (obviously, one more than the other).

Data Usage is another issue, where as it isn’t much for such journey, but for those treks around Europe and America without roaming packages could cost you a lot of money.

Mobile hotspot data usage examples

Activity Data per 30 min Data per hour
Web browsing Approx. 30MB Approx. 60MB
Sending Email Less than 1MB Less than 1MB
Streaming music Up to 75MB Up to 150MB
Netflix From 125MB From 250MB
Facebook Approx. 40MB Approx. 80MB
YouTube Approx. 150MB Approx. 300MB
Instagram Approx. 360MB Approx. 720MB
Zoom (High quality group call) Approx. 405MB Approx. 810MB

So before you buy a WiFi stereo, please consider the above!

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