Clarion SRE6932r 6x9 3-way coaxial speaker system 400 watts

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The easiest way to upgrade from your factory installed system. Clarion�s SRE Series speakers let you pursue better sound while remaining budget-conscious. Available in various types to match your vehicle.
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Key Features

Clarion SRE6932r 6x9 3-way coaxial speaker system 400 watts

Untitled Document The SRE Series

The easiest way to upgrade from your factory installed system. Clarion’s SRE Series speakers let you pursue better sound while remaining budget-conscious. Available in various types to match your vehicle.

Realistic wide-range sound in a choice of styles

Clarion’s SRE Series is available in different types: 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 5-way and component. Regardless of your car's sound requirements or your music preference, you'll be able to find the performance you want in this line-up.

MIPP cone woofer for low distortion and high-speed response

This mica polypropylene mixed injection cone offers excellent basic performance. With mica particles blended into the polypropylene material and injection-moulded, this diaphragm attains a superior response with lightness and rigidity.


  • 400 Watts Music peak power
  • 150 × 230 mm MIPP cone woofer
  • 60 mm Metallised PEI cone mid-range
  • 18 mm Dome tweeter
  • Powerful strontium magnet for dynamic bass response
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Questions/Answers About This Product

Question: 17 August 2015

Car: -

I have a UK 2014 BMW 5 series 520D Auto saloon 4 door with a factory basic head unit Im thinking of installing a Pioneer GM-D8604 1. would Hertz ESK 163L.5 speaker set be compatible with this amp


Hi yes the 4 channel Pioneer amp would work for these speakers however you would need a processor to give you the out puts required. We have listed this below. The bmw has a Sub woofer under the seats not a normal speaker!, and a 4" door speaker. SRC6 6-Channel Active Hi to Low Frequency converter

Question: 27 September 2015

Car: VW Golf - 1998 - 2003 MK4 -

will this amp run as 3 channels? I am looking to run a 2 or 3 way compnent set up front and a focal, hertz or pioneer champion subwoofer at 4 ohms any help much appreciated.


hi there yes this should work fine two run a set of speaker and bridge the other two channels into one for use of a sub. 4ohms should be fine to run.

Question: 08 November 2015

Car: VW Transporter - 2005 > -

Have pioneer head unit & focal ps165 speakers + Jbl sub box. Will this amp drive all well


yes it will power the speakers and a small jbl subwoofer providing that it is a 4 ohm subwoofer

Question: 05 January 2016

Car: Audi A6 - 2001-2004 -

I have a European model Audi A6 and i am using a RNS-E audi head unit, would this work with four 6.5 Alpine SPR-60 Coaxial speakers?


hi yes that would be a good amp to run those speakers its one i reccomend alot in my store

Question: 17 January 2016

Car: Vauxhall Corsa - 2009> -

Hi there, I've been considering this amp but I'm wondering how the bass boost control works? Can I set it up to boost only 2 channels or does it have to be applied to all 4? Thanks


this amp does not have a bass boost control only the mono amps from pioneer come with bass boost control GM-D8601 1600W Class-D MONO Amplifier with Bass boost remote

Question: 20 March 2016

Car: Vauxhall Corsa - 2000-2006 -

Im looking at using this Amp to power a Pioneer TS-W310S4 Sub 1400W 12" and Pioneer TS-A6924i 550W 6" x 9" will it work well with them of not cheers


hi there, yes this amplifier will work fine with the subwoofer and speakers that you have selected. something that would work better because it has more power is the IPA2041 this would give you more power for the subwoofer and the speakers IPA2041 2000 Watts 4 Channel Amplifier

Question: 11 May 2016

Car: Ford Cougar - 1998 > -

Hi< I have a Pioneer DEH-6300SD head unit powering 2 6x9 300w and 2 6x4 200w speakers and its struggling, will this Amp do the job with these speakers? Thanks Michael


Good Morning, Yes the Pioneer GMD8604 will power your speakers sufficiantly. With this amp, we would reccomend that you purchase the IP41 wiring kit. Thanks IP41 2500W Amplifier Wiring Kit GM-D8604 Class FD 4-Channel bridgeable amplifier 1200watts

Question: 01 July 2016

Car: Ford Fiesta - 2005> -

clarion vx404e + 4 jlaudio c2-570x + jlaudio 12" sub +jlaudio 250w mono amp sounds a little dull would this amp liven things up a bit or have i got something wrong. cheers steve


Hi Steve You can use this 4 Channel amplifier to the power the front and rear speakers.

Question: 10 July 2016

Car: Renault Clio - 2000 > -

Can this safely run Alpine SPG-13CS & SPG-13C2? Seeing as the RMS is a fair bit greater on the amp.


yes this amp will run these speakers fine, it would be perfect because having more power than required means you'll have alot more control over the speakers

Question: 31 October 2016

Car: Audi A6 - 2001-2004 -

Hello. How much RMS power does this amp have on 4 4ohm outputs? I'm going to wire it with 4 component speakers. Thank you.


4x100 rms is cea rated rms power at 4 ohm GM-D8604 Class FD 4-Channel bridgeable amplifier 1200watts

Question: 23 January 2017

Car: Rover MG ZR - <2005 -

Hi, i have 2 ground zero GZCM 6-4PPX 150rms speakers in the front and 2 90 rms alpine SPR 50 speakers in the back, will this amp be good for them?


HI, Thanks for your question, the GM-D8604 should be sufficient to power the speakers mentioned.

Question: 14 March 2017

Car: -

can i use 2 channels for front components hertz energy 165.5 and rear 2 channels bridge for 300w rms sub?


Hi, Thanks for you question. Yes, you should be able to bridge the two channels together for your subwoofer.

Question: 13 April 2017

Car: VW Golf - 1983-1992 MK2 -

Hi, I see that this amp has a setting for 2 channel input. If inputting via 2 channels, will this amp output to all 4 channels? Thanks.


Hi, Thanks for your question. Yes the GM-D8604 will output to all 4 channels.

Question: 15 July 2017

Car: BMW 3 Series (E46) - 1999-2005 (E46) -

Hi, can I run the Pioneer GM-D8604 amp and will i be able to run Alpine SPG-17CS, Alpine SPG-17C2 and a 10" in-phase xt10 sub? Can I bridge 2 channels for the sub and other 2 for the speakers?


its not recommend to run the speakers bridged as speakers that arent 100% matched which have different tolerances, if one has a lower power rating that the other the speakers will distort at different levels and you risk damaging the equipment, you would be better off with the following X801-5 - 500W 5 Channel Class D Compact Amplifier

Question: 06 August 2017

Car: Ford Fiesta - 2005> -

Would I be able to run this with a 600w sub and two parcel shelf speakers??


hi, yes this amplifier would be perfect for running 2 speakers and a small subwoofer

Question: 24 October 2017

Car: Audi A1 - 2010> -

Would this amp be ok to power 4 x jl audio c1 6.5 inch coax. And a Rockford p1 8 inch sub ? It wouldn't be to much for the speakers would it


hi, you would be better with something like the kenwood x801-5 as it is a 5 channel amp a 4 channel shouldnt be used to power 4 speakers and a subwoofer. you could run 2 speakers and a subwoofer off this pioneer amp X801-5 - 500W 5 Channel Class D Compact Amplifier

Question: 21 November 2017

Car: VW Touran - 2003 > -

Using avh 3800dab , was thinking alipne spg 17cs front spg 17c2 rear , pioneer ts wx120 under seat sub. And Pioneer gmd8604 amp running door speakers . Or is there better for money .


hi, to be honest for what you are looking you will have a good system for the money

Question: 01 December 2017

Car: Seat Leon - 2007> -

Looking to use this amp to power 2x pairs of focal is165vw and a focal bus20 sub will it do what's needed


hi, yes this 4 channel could be used to power the speakers and the focal underseat subwoofer has its own built in amplifier

Question: 01 January 2018

Car: Mitsubishi L200 - 1996 > -

Hi was looking at the amp to run the normal speaker in my truck but would also look at upgrading the speakers if that would be better? Also looking for a dedicated amp for a sub also?


upgrading the speakers would definitely make a difference. you could look at the GMD8601 for your Subwoofer

Question: 01 February 2018

Car: -

Will this amp be powerful enough to run a Hertz dieci DBX30.3 subwoofer. 1000W peak, 250w continuous. Also if I added component mids & tweeters would it still be sufficient ? Many thanks. Russell


depending on the coils on the subwoofer the pionner will give you 250W rms bridged at 2ohms, running component speakers on the other two channels would be fine with this amplifier

Question: 15 February 2018

Car: BMW 3 Series (E46) - 2005> (E90) -

Using high level (speaker) inputs the diag in the manual suggests that front and rear inputs are connected together - so how does the FADER (back to front speaker control)then work?? thanks jp


if your using the high level input wire supplied you wouldn't have the option of fader because you would only putting one input into the amplifier. your other option would be to use two inputs one from front and one from rear this would give you the fader option, you would be better off using RCA preouts if you have an aftermarket radio, or use a good signal converter and some RCA as most of the BMW's have high pass crossovers on the rear speakers

Question: 11 March 2018

Car: Alfa Romeo Giulietta - 2010> -

Hi what amp do I need if I am upgrading my 2 front car speakers and adding a sub to my set up. I have a jbl gt sub specks are 275w rms and front speakers that are 6-65W rms. Thanks.

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