In Phase IPA2001D 2000 Watts RMS Monoblock amplifier

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in phase

Key Features

In Phase IPA2001D 2000 Watts RMS Monoblock amplifier

InPhase IPA2001D

InPhase amplifiers are made to rock your world. With great muscle also comes refinement. Advanced features such as bass boost, fully variable zero to 60Hz subsonic filters and crossover networks with different frequency bands for highpass and lowpass, you will always have full control. Connectivity is excellent with high level as well as RCA inputs and a pass through RCA output to feed more amps, without needing multiple runs of RCA cables. With two ohm stable designs, trimode capability and clever protection circuits, these hand-built powerhouses will take anything you throw at them. Massive heat sinks with a high surface area to volume ratios and cast end caps to hide the wiring connections and keep things controlled – helped by forced air cooling on the real bass monsters. All the amps may be bridged for even more power into one channel. Four and two channel designs, all with potent MOSFET power supplies, cover every need from single-amp whole system solutions, all the way to pavement-shaking power mania. There is always a high quality InPhase amplifier (or two) that’s just perfect for your hunger for power.
The New InPhase IPA range of amplifiers from InPhase is possibly one of the best car amplifiers available today. Car amplifiers are the heart of a system and need be of the best quality available for your budget. Inphase IPA range of car amplifiers have been renowned throughout the world and are rated very high by some of the most famous musicians like Akon.  All Inphase IPA car amplifiers are hand assembled and go through 35 different check points to ensure you get the best possible car amplifier today. The IPA range of car amplifiers gives you the true RMS power to power your system. Some of the amazing features of the new Inphase IPA range of amplifiers have a Subsonic filter so you can adjust your amplifier to deliver more power to the desire frequency range, which mean more power to your speaker. Line in and line out so you can run as many InPhase amplifiers as you want one a single RCA cable. Dual layer circuit boards for improved sound quality and low resistance from internal parts give you a smaller and yet more powerful amplifier.
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Questions/Answers About This Product

Question: 17 February 2014

Car: Renault Clio - 2000 > -

I have my pioneer 12" sub hooked up to this amp and I am very happy with the power it's giving out. Will it allow me to add 2 more 6x9 speakers? If not what do you suggest I should do for them?


hi this amp is fine the way you are using it the best thing to do is get the same amp for your 6x9 speakers ipa 601 works well on speakers nice clean sound.

Question: 14 March 2014

Car: -

It doesn't say it in your description, but this is a class-D amplifier, right?


Hi This is class AB amplifier.

Question: 25 August 2015

Car: Ford Fiesta - 2005> -

Does this come with all the wires and accessories needed? Cheers


Hi you will still need to buy a wiring kit. we have list one below. IP81 1800W Amplifier Fitting Kit

Question: 28 February 2016

Car: Mazda 3 - 2009> -

Hi will this be able to run vibe blackdeath qb69 speakers the vibe qb69 are 600watts and 200watts rms, while the inphase are 600watts but 100watts rms thanks.


yes it can run them, if you want to get the full potential from the speakers then you would need to run them on the inphase IPA1001 1000 Watts 2 Channel Amplifier

Question: 25 March 2017

Car: -

I would like to do a quick question I have these speakers here : do you thing that this amp would be able to power them


hi yes the inphase amp will power your speakers fine . IPA601 600 Watts 2 Channel Amplifier

Question: 20 April 2017

Car: VW Transporter - 2005 > -

Can I use this amp to power my rear speakers and a sub? I guess this is what tri mode is? Also, foesthis amp have an auto sense on facility or will I have to wire a remote feed?


Hi You can use this amplifier to power your speakers and sub. Does not have auto sense function. You will need the remote feed.

Question: 08 May 2017

Car: -

Would this be good to power my Kicker TS10L3?


Hi, Thanks for your question, the 601 isn't enough for your sub, we suggest the amp shown below to male sue you have sufficient power. GM-D9601 Mono Block 2400watts Class D amplifier 2400watts

Question: 17 December 2017

Car: VW Transporter - 2005 > -

Hello, Just bought and fit Pioneer TS-E171c in my vw transporter. Now i would like to amplified them. Could you suggest me which one is the right choice for it? Budget up to £100.00

Question: 25 February 2018

Car: Rover MG ZT - <2005 -

Hi, Have a IPA601 and i am looking for a good sub that will work with it. I also dont see any figures quoted for Bridge mode. Can it run this the alpine-sbg-10 Ta


Hi The IPA601 can be used in bridge mode. 4 ohm bridge mode will give you 200wrms. It can be used with SBG-1044BR.

Question: 02 May 2018

Car: Vauxhall Corsa - 2009> -

Do you know which 6.5 components would be best suited to be ran at 100w RMS x 2 Ohms with this amp?


hi, we dont currently list any 2ohm speakers, all of the ones we list are 4ohm something that would take a 100w rms at 4 ohm would be something like the RS65c or SPX17C SPX17C - Professional 17cm 160W 2-way Component Speaker set RS-65C - 300W 17cm 2-way component speaker system

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