In Phase USW8 - 300W Diecast Aluminium Compact Underseat Subwoofer

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Compact, powerful, discreet and built to last.
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in phase

Key Features

In Phase USW8 - 300W Diecast Aluminium Compact Underseat Subwoofer

Compact, powerful, discreet and built to last. The USW8 is the new addition to the In Phase USW series range. As with all the other USW series models this USW8 can really stand proud in a tough market with impressive specs and unrivalled build quality. Constructed from Die-cast through out it can be placed under the seat and you can rest assured it wont come to any harm, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the superior sound that you would expect from the In Phase product. The included wired remote gives you full control at your finger tips allowing you to control Gain and Freq response and even phase adjust.

Technical Specifications

General Features:

  • Max power 300W
  • Rated power 100w
  • 6" Aluminium cone
  • Die Cast aluminium chassis
  • Ultra slim design
  • High level signal input
  • Wired remote control
  • Power indication
  • Protection indicator
  • Phase button (0-180)
  • RCA Input terminals
  • Remote level control (5m)
  • Dimensions 289mm(w) x 220mm(H) x 75mm(D)
  • Weight (inc accessories) 4.4KG
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Questions/Answers About This Product

Question: 16 December 2015

Car: Honda Civic - 1999-2005 -

hi, i was wondering if this unit would fit my civic ep3? thanks


Good Morning, Yes, this unit can be installed into your car. In order to make it fit, you will need to purchase the following parts: CT23HD19 (fascia) CT20HD02 (wiring adapter) IPIS02D (ariel adapter) Thanks CT23HD19 Honda Civic douible din facia panel kit HONDA Adapter Lead CT20HD02 AERIAL ADAPTER ISO RADIO TO DIN AERIAL

Question: 24 December 2015

Car: Subaru Impreza - 1994 > -

Hi, will this CD/DVD player fit my 2002 Subaru impreza wrx. Thanks. Andy.


Hi This canbe installe din your Subaru. You will need teh below harness adpater. Subaru Impreza Harness Adapter 1993 Onwards

Question: 26 December 2015

Car: Vauxhall Vectra - 2004> -

hi, would this fit my vauxhall vectra 2008? If so what would i need?

Question: 20 January 2016

Car: VW Polo - 2004 > -

2011 polo, what extra parts will be required to fit?


Good Morning, The KW-V11 can be fitted into your 2011 VW Polo. In order to install it, you will need to purchase the following installation parts: CT27AA56 (ariel adapter) CT24VW04 (fascia) CT20VW04 (wiring loom) or if you have steering controls, you will need CTSVW002.2 with a CTJVC2LEAD. Thanks VW Touran Facia Plate Volkswagen Stalk Interface for Clarion Stereos CT27AA56 Aerial Adapter VW Gold VI

Question: 21 February 2016

Car: Vauxhall Zafira - 2007> -

Will this be able to handle rear view camera plus 2 extra monitors for back seats?


yes it will do rear camera input and it has a single video output which can be split to two separate monitors

Question: 23 February 2016

Car: BMW 1 Series (E81) - 2004> (E81) -

Regarding BMW (e88) 2008. I have rear pcd, and also steering controls, can you let me know everything I need to fit my car. Also will it work with iPhone 6 as it only mentions old 4/4s model. Thx


Hi There, To fit theKW-V11 ,into your BMW ,you will need a facia kit, wiring harness and aerial adaptor, i will list the parts for you If you need this fitting in your vehicle you can contact your local Car Audio Centre store directly for a full quotation and they will be happy to help you CT23BM05 BMW 1 Series Double Din Fitting Kit VW Touran Fakra Aerial to DIN Aerial with amplified remote feed BMW Can-bus with PDC Audio JVC multi-stalk patch lead

Question: 25 March 2016

Car: Vauxhall Astra - 2007> -

hi what will I need to fit this in my Astra please

Question: 26 March 2016

Car: Mazda -

Hi I am looking for a head unit to replace my multimedia unit in a Mazda bongo import


hi there, yes this unit would replace the factory radio you have in your Mazda bongo, you may require a wiring harness depending on what wiring is there. Mazda Harness Adaptor

Question: 28 March 2016

Car: Chevrolet Captiva - 2006> -

Would this fit the above car model?


Hi, Thank you for your inquiry, to fit the KW-V11 to you Chevrolet, you would need the correct fascia kit to install it. We have recommended the model below. CT23CV01a Fascia Kit

Question: 03 April 2016

Car: Fiat Punto - 2005> (Grande) -

I have a 2008 fiat grande punto t-jet would this fit? if so what else would I need. my car also has the blue & me feature with steering wheel controls. if not what else would in this price (1 din)


hi there we do not do a panel to change the radio in your car for a double din, you have to put a single din radio in your car, however the cheapest single din flip out unit that we sell is the following unit VZ402E Motorised 7" touchscreen AV station with iPod/iPhone

Question: 07 April 2016

Car: Toyota Corolla - <2007 (Verso) -

I have Toyota corolla verso 7 seater can this be fitted on it, what will be the total cost with all extras accessories and fitting cost,


Good Morning, Yes the JVC KW-V11 can be fitted into your Toyota Corolla Verso. In order ton install the stereo into your car, you will need to purchase the following installation parts: Fascia - CT24TY14 (silver) or - CT24TY15 (black) Wiring loom - CT20TY01 Ariel adapter - IPIS02D For a free quotation for these parts and installtion, please visit your local Car Audio Centre Store. Thanks Toyota Corolla Verso Black Facia before 2007 Toyota Corolla Silver Facia before 2007 Toyota Yaris Harness Adapter 1999 Onwards AERIAL ADAPTER ISO RADIO TO DIN AERIAL

Question: 11 April 2016

Car: -

Hi guys, wondering what would I need to get for this to fit my 56 focus please, and thank you. Also , how much is installation?


Hi you will need a few parts to make this compatible, we have listed the parts below. You will need to call your local store for a fitting price. CT23FD01 Double Din fitting kit for Ford C-max/Focus/Fiesta Ford Stalk Interface FOR JVC VW Touran Fakra Aerial to DIN Aerial with amplified remote feed

Question: 12 April 2016

Car: VW Transporter - 2005 > -

Hi there, could you let me know what other parts I need to order to have this fit my T5 including steering wheel control.


Hi Thank you for getting in touch. I have listed the parts you need below. If we can be of any further assistance please contact us. Thank you Steve CTKVW01 Volkswagon Installation Kit

Question: 28 April 2016

Car: VW Golf - 2003 > MK5 -

What would I need for this to fit my golf mk5? Thanks ☺️


Good Morning, In order to install the JVC KW-V11 into your MK5 Vw Golf, you will need to purchase a complete installation kit (CTKVW18) aswell as a patch lead (CTJVC2LEAD). Thanks CTJVC2LEAD Steering wheel control pacth lead

Question: 15 May 2016

Car: Kia Sportage - 2005 > -



hi there, no problem any double din radio will fit fine into your car. you will however require parts for this to be done, it can also be tricky so if you want no hassle recommend for a professional to install.

Question: 16 May 2016

Car: Kia Sportage - 2005 > -



hi there, for the kia sportage a rough estimate on the parts needed (subject to store discretion) £40 fascia kit £40 steering control harness £10 Aerial Adapter £12.50 for activating Steering Controls.

Question: 17 June 2016

Car: Nissan -

Hi I have a Nissan Juke Dec 2010, would this model fit and would I need any additional items to install this in my vehicle. Thanks.

Question: 18 June 2016

Car: Renault Megane - 2002-2007 -

hi, will this be able to be fitted to a 04 megane convertible. cheers


Hi, Yes please see following parts to allow installation: Please note 2 different plugs are listed for stalk control, please match plug to you cars wiring before placing an order. Also to answer your other question you can use the same parts for the Pioneer stereo but swap out the 'CTJVC2LEAD" for a 'CTPIONEERLEAD' Links provided for both parts CT23RT03 Renault megane Double din stereo fitting kit (black) AERIAL ADAPTER ISO RADIO TO DIN AERIAL CTSRN003 Renault stereo steering wheel control interface CTSRN004 Renualt steering wheel control interface (mini ISO) JVC universal stalk lead Pioneer Multi-Stalk Patch Lead

Question: 25 June 2016

Car: Citroen Jumper - 2006> -

Hi...looking to purchase this for my Citroen Dispatch van 2007 onwards. What else would I need to make the steering wheel controls work & and still allow me to access the settings like click etc.


hi there, providig you dont have factory parking sensors. the parts you will need are a simpel harness and aerial adpater. CTSCT003 Citreon steering wheel control interface CTJVC2LEAD Steering wheel control pacth lead VW Touran Fakra Aerial to DIN Aerial with amplified remote feed

Question: 25 July 2016

Car: -

Will I be able to fit this stereo into my Vauxhall corsa 2008?


hi there, yes this radio will fit into your car you may require some parts if your car still has the standard vauxhall radio

Question: 26 July 2016

Car: Citroen Picasso - 2002-2005 -

Hi.. I have a c3 Picasso and like the look of this unit for keeping the little one entertained on the go.. What else would I need to fit this? Cheers. Aaron


Hi To fit the KW-V11 to your citroen you will require no extra parts. KW-V11 6.2-inch WVGA Touch Panel Monitor with DVD/CD/USB Receiver

Question: 27 July 2016

Car: Vauxhall -

Hi want would I need to fit this in my 2005 Vauxhall combo van?


Good afternoon, you will require fitting kit to complete the install= CT23VX04A fascia fittng kit CTSVX002.2 stalk control interface harness CTJVC2LEAD patch connection lead CT27AA14 antenna adapter thanks

Question: 03 August 2016

Car: Vauxhall Astra - 2004> -

would this fit vauxhall astra 05 plate?


Hi Yes the KW-V11 will fit. To quote you the correct fitting kit we need to know the colour of your dash as there are lots of options. Please contact one of our stores directly for detailed information and pricing on the parts you require. KW-V11 6.2-inch WVGA Touch Panel Monitor with DVD/CD/USB Receiver

Question: 07 August 2016

Car: Seat Leon - 2007> -

hi what all would i need to fit this to my car ??

Question: 10 August 2016

Car: Ford Fiesta - 2008> -

what parts will i need to fit this to my ford fiesta mk6 zetec


Good morning To reccomend the correct parts for your vehicle we require further information. We need exact year of manufacture and the colour of your standard dashboard as there are lots of colour options. Please send us the information or contact your nearest Car Audio centre store directly.

Question: 11 August 2016

Car: Ford Fiesta - 2008> -

my car is a ford fiesta mk6 08 reg and has a silver dashboard facia which will be wrapped in vinyll anyways so colour wont matter


Hi OK so no worries so please find the list of parts required below. Fitting kit, CTKFD07 *Note - Fascia Requires OEM Ford Hazard/Door Lock Switch - Part No. 1519127 KW-V11 6.2-inch WVGA Touch Panel Monitor with DVD/CD/USB Receiver

Question: 12 August 2016

Car: Honda Civic - 1999-2005 -

Hi I was wondering what else I could need to fit this into my Honda Civic ep2, thanks


Hi You will need the following parts for installation. CT23HD19 Honda Double Din Fascia Panel HONDA CIVIC/ACCORD Adapter Lead ( PC2-68-4 )

Question: 15 August 2016

Car: Toyota Celica - 2000-2006 -



hi, thanks for your question regarding the JVC KW-V11 6.2-inch WVGA Touch Panel Monitor with DVD/CD/USB Receiver, it can be fitted to your Celica with the correct parts, we have made some suggestions below. CT24TY09 Toyota double din fitting facia panel AERIAL ADAPTER ISO RADIO TO DIN AERIAL JVC universal stalk lead CTSTY001 Toyota Steering wheel control interface for after market stereo installation

Question: 19 August 2016

Car: Vauxhall Astra - 2010> -

Astra coupe 2008 model. what do i need to make it work?

Question: 07 September 2016

Car: Ford Focus - 2004> -

hi what would i need to 1/ make this fit a 2007 focus 2/ work off the steering wheel controls


Good morning To fit the KW-V11 to your Focus you will need the following fitting kit CTKFD24, Black CTKFD25, Silver KW-V11 6.2-inch WVGA Touch Panel Monitor with DVD/CD/USB Receiver

Question: 11 September 2016

Car: VW Golf - 1998 - 2003 MK4 -

hello,will this fit a 03 golf gti?


hi there, yes a double din screen will fit straight into your car you will require the following antenna. this radio is currently out of stock you could look at following units which are in stock CT27AA08 Aerial Adaptor AVHX2800BT 6.2" Multimedia System with Bluetooth DDX4016BT - 6.2" WVGA CD DVD Receiver USB iPod Bluetooth

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