New Juice Amps On The Way


NEW JUICE AMPS ON THE WAY We thought you should all know, we have new Juice amps on the way. The new amps contain new circuitry making them more durable, efficient and deliver more power. They are due in to us by the end of January 2020! Juice JA1201D Mono Block amp (ideal for subs) Revised circuitry allows more refined… Read more »

Are RMS and Ohm Ratings Important?


The Answer is… Yes! It is very important when buying speakers, subwoofers or an amplifier to understand which items would be best suited to your requirements. However, it can be very technical and therefore difficult to understand. Here is our simple guide to understanding what RMS and Ohms mean and why they matter so much. What does RMS mean? Root Means… Read more »

VW Golf MK 7.5 Focal Upgrade


VW Golf MK 7.5 Focal Upgrade A customer of ours was very disappointed by the basic sound quality in their Golf 7.5. They decided to opt for a more advance and better sounding system. As well with the Golf 7.5, for their year you would expect a decent sound proofing system to be in place from factory. In this instance,… Read more »

Hi Res Audio Bundle Deal


Pioneer Hi Res Audio Bundle Deal At Car Audio Centre we know our customers love a good deal. So we have put together a bundle for you audiophiles! The bundle features the Pioneer TS-Z range speakers and the GM-DX874 amplifier. (with a wiring kit of course). This bundle is made for that high fidelity audiophiles seek, made with advanced material… Read more »

Fibre Optic Mercedes SL500 Stereo Upgrade


Fibre Optic Mercedes SL500 Stereo Upgrade, an amazing install for a low price! A great customer of ours gave us the privilege of upgrading their outdated system in their Mercedes SL500. The customer requested something basic with Apple Car Play and DAB radio, they were given the most popular options, the  JVC KW-M745DBT or the Pioneer SPH-DA130DAB, they preferred the look of… Read more »

Car Entertainment for Kids: Beat Those Long Journeys


Travel entertainment can seem like an endless chore on family holidays. With the global attention span of our population narrowing, keeping children entertained is becoming harder and harder. On long car journeys, having bored passengers is the last thing any driver needs, making fun car games for kids a must-have.  To help avoid the constant “are we there yet” comments,… Read more »

Review – InPhase SPX-17C Component Speakers


The InPhase SPX-17C InPhase has been quiet over the last few years when it comes to developing their own products, so today we have a throwback Thursday… The InPhase SPX-17C Component Speakers aren’t like any other speaker component kit to come from InPhase. Usually, they pride themselves on providing high-quality audio at low prices. This speaker is slightly different. It… Read more »

Does Your Car Radio Lose Its Memory?


Stereo Memory Thousands of calls a year come into our technical lines here at Car Audio Centre, everything from “my radio doesn’t turn on” to “what are the voltage of the preouts on the latest Pioneer radio.” You name it, we have heard it, yet the most common one is “I have fitted my car radio and everything is fine until I… Read more »