VW Golf MK 7.5 Focal Upgrade


VW Golf MK 7.5 Focal Upgrade

A customer of ours was very disappointed by the basic sound quality in their Golf 7.5. They decided to opt for a more advance and better sounding system. As well with the Golf 7.5, for their year you would expect a decent sound proofing system to be in place from factory. In this instance, nothing at all. So we added some CTK sound proofing sheets which have improved the acoustics of the vehicle.

We added sound deadening to allow better sound proofing and vibration dampening.

The speakers used was the Focal PS165FX. The crossovers proved very tricky to fit as the clearances behind the doors were not sufficient due to the size of them. We had to install them under the passenger seats, which doesn’t sound too good, we know. If they were fitted in the dash, there would have been interference from the airbag sensors/fusebox.

Focal PS165FX Flax Cone / 6.5′ / 2-Way Component Kit Specs-

  • Nominal power 80W
  • Maximum power 160W
  • Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) 91,3dB
  • Cone Flax
  • Surround Butyl
  • Nom. impedance 4 Ohms
  • DC resistance 3 Ohms
  • VC diameter 32mm 11/4′
  • VC height 15mm
  • Former Kapton
  • Layers 2
  • Wire Alu
  • Inductance
  • Xmax 5mm 03/16′
  • Magnet d x h 90mm x 17mm 39/16 x 02/3′
  • Magnet weight 400g 0.88 lb
  • Flux density –
  • Gap height 5mm 03/16′
  • Net weight 1350g 2.98 lb

If you are interested in getting this upgrade or interested in a speaker upgrade in general, our stores can do that for you for a very competitive price. Also if you are in need of any help, let us know.

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